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RuPaul, unfiltered

RuPaul, unfiltered
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RuPaul has never been one to shy away from a tough topic, and now is no different. The reigning queen of the drag world, already busy hosting “Drag Race” on Logo and judging “Skin Wars” on GSN, has yet another show on the air now: “Good Work,” an E! series that tackles plastic surgery with the help of Dr. Terry Dubrow (“Botched”) and Sandra Vergara (as in Sofia’s sister).

With what you’ve seen so far on “Good Work,” how has it changed your own opinions or perceptions about plastic surgery?
It’s actually enhanced my love of plastic surgery. I’ve always been obsessed with transformation, with the idea of creating your own persona, with the idea of becoming the creation of your own imagination. It’s the most powerful thing you can do. And whatever you want to do, whatever your imagination leads to, I have no judgment on it. I’m like, thumbs up to anybody who’s going to take matters into their own hands. But of course, you have to be informed, and most people are not informed. That’s why we’ve created this dialogue on the show, and hopefully it will create a dialogue for people around the world who see this show.

What did you think of the recent passing of plastic surgeon Dr. Fredric Brandt?
When most people uncover life’s cruel hoax, which is that none of this is real — and most people cannot hear that, by the way, but I’m going to say it out loud: none of this is real. When beautiful, light, gorgeous souls understand that, it’s very disheartening. And I’ve got to tell you, that is an option. Nobody wants to hear it and nobody will say it out loud, but I will. You can always hit the eject button. No judgment. Especially if you are a sweet, sweet sensitive soul, it becomes too much. This world is completely f—ed up if you take it at face value, if you take it seriously. It’s completely bonkers. You need friends around you to say, “Remember, this is just a dream. It’s a joke, don’t take it too seriously.” So God bless him. But in our culture, there is such a taboo around what he did, but you know what? It’s an option. It is an option with the bulls— that you have to put up with.

Is this show going to have kind of special language that “Drag Race” has developed?
(laughs) Well, we are gay, so we have a special lingo for everything. Here’s the thing, for gay people who have looked through the looking glass and seen the other side, you have to lighten everything up. People who have discovered life’s twisted hoax find refuge in the irreverent and in the kooky and in the twist of a phrase. You twist a phrase the right way and my nipples get hard. (laughs)

You’ve been doing such a great job at doling out life advice on Twitter. Any advice for recent news makers like, for instance, Hillary Clinton?
Well see, I don’t give advice unless that person asks me, you know? I do love Hillary Clinton, can’t wait to vote for her. It’s interesting, when you really look through the looking glass and you understand who we are as a race of people and how primitive we are and how our culture is so cruel to women, our culture is just awful to women. Here’s this brilliant, brilliant woman, and she has to put up with all this catty bulls—. And you know what? We’re so blind, it’s so engrained in our culture, we don’t even realize we’re doing that stuff.

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