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Russian Rapunzel has been growing her hair for 13 years

A woman from the city of Barnaul in Siberian Russia, Darya Gubanova, aka Dashik Freckle, has beengrowing her hair out for almost half her life. The unusual “hobby” has brought her worldwide fame, more than 140k followers on Instagram and even the nickname “Russian Rapunzel.”

“Of course I have seen the movie. I have a daughter!” she told Metro. “Rapunzel is a cute, lovely girl. Especially with a frying pan in her hands.”

But the fairytale story of Darya Gubanova started with a petty argument.

“When I was 14, I cut my braid, which was just above my knees,” she said. “Then, for two years I had very short haircuts, and even started to color my hair. But a friend suddenly remembered my long braid, and said that I would never be able to grow it that long again and we had an argument. That’s how this all started! But when my hair reached the desired length, I didn’t even want to cut it. So far, I’ve beengrowing it for 13 years.”

To comb her hair properly, it takes Darya at least 5 minutes. And 17 ouncesof shampoo lasts for only two months. Oddly enough, she claims that her long hair does not cause any problems. She also has the goal to grow the braid down to her toes.

“Once in the bus someone said that my hair was lying on the floor,” Russian Rapunzel recalled. “Then everyone who was on the bus, jumped up from their seats to see how that was possible!”

She added: “Another time a woman with a cane ran up to me on the street and said that she was running after me for three bus stops just to tell me that it is so rare to see such a wonderful braid.”

Now Darya’s6-year-old daughter also wants to grow her hair out.

“She came to this decision by herself,” the young mother said. “And if she wants to cut her hair one day, I will not forbid it. My mother has never told me not to do something. I am grateful to her for this.”

And growing a nice long braid has already become a family tradition. For example, Darya’s cousin Tatiana Chufistova is not cutting her hair for a long time too.

“I’ve been growing it for four years,” Tatiana admitted. “I will not try to make it reach my toe, but down to the knees – yes.”

The most interesting thing, however, is that Darya’s husband is also growing his hair out. But the family has not decided yet if it will be as long.

-Stanislav Kupcov