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Rwanda trip ‘life-changing’

Having just returned from a “life-changing” experience in Rwanda, a Calgary teacher wants to share her experiences in hopes of changing the world.

Jennifer Shaw felt like she was missing something from her life, and jumped at the opportunity to embark on a “Destination Life Change” trip to Rwanda with World Vision this month.

“I was there for only two weeks, but learned and experienced more in that time than I have in years. What I learned was the unimaginable importance of having hope in your life,” Shaw said.

Shaw helped build a house, visited families and met people who 15 years ago witnessed their families’ and friends’ brutal murders.

“What I learned is the unbelievable power of forgiveness,” she said. “These people made the choice to forgive in order to free themselves from the weight of anger and resentment.”

Shaw said she wanted to make a difference in the lives of those in Rwanda, but she felt the differences in her own life when she returned.

She says she has become more grateful, forgiving, and thinks twice about how she spends her time, money and resources like water.

“I bought two coffees and two scones for over $14 when it only takes $40 a month to provide a child with education, health care, clean water, emergency supplies and a future,” she said.

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