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Ryan Fitzpatrick a big reason why Jets sit at 3-1

Ryan Fitzpatrick looks legit as Jets’ starting quarterback
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Ryan Fitzpatrick has been through plenty of losses during his 11-year NFL career. So much so that any team he’s ever had a significant role on has never made the playoffs.

Or had a winning record.

Or even been a .500 team.

Frankly, never been competitive either.

So Fitzpatrick could be forgiven for stopping to smell the roses, his New York Jets are 3-1 in large part to his rather solid quarterbacking. And his teammates might be tempted to stop and do their own rose-sniffing as well, after all this franchise hasn’t had a 3-1 start since 2010. Coincidentally, that was also their last playoff appearance.

And the last time that Fitzpatrick ever went for a shave.

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But for the bearded one, it is a rare place to be, on a winning team. No team that Fitzpatrick has ever had significant reps or started for has ever had more six wins in an NFL season. He is loathe to make comparisons to his past NFL stops but admits that it is a nice feeling.

“There’s so much of the season left to be played, so it’s going to be hard to make that assessment until the end of the season.,” Fitzpatrick said. “But I will say that, and you’ve heard it from me time and time again, it’s a lot of fun to be in the huddle with such experienced guys. All of them have the right look in their eye. That’s a fun thing as a quarterback to step in and see that.”

The commondenominator in the Jets three wins this year? Fitzpatrick has played relatively well. Their only loss this year was the sole time that Fitzpatrick had more interceptions than touchdowns and even in that game, the Jets had several chances to beat the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 3.

If he can be calm and steady, this Jets team has a legitimate shot to be in Wild Card contention this season.

“I think we’re happy about rebounding from losing in Week 3,” Fitzpatrick said.

“We played fast and had a successful trip to London. We’re 3-1 right now, we know it’s early in the season. It was a fun plane ride back for the guys who were able to stay awake. Knowing that it’s a long NFL season and knowing that we’re looking at this thing one game at a time, I think guys are going to enjoy their rest for the next week and then get back into it.”