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Ryan Gosling: The reluctant heartthrob

In an interviewing style that references Robert De Niro’s tight-lipped one-word answers or Bob Dylan’s absurd responses, it’s never easy to pin down Ryan Gosling. His evasiveness could interpreted either as arrogance or shyness or a combination of both, but while he promoted his latest film, the romantic comedy Crazy, Stupid, Love, the Notebook star was forced to talk about himself and, unfortunately for him, dating.

So much has been said about casting you in a comedic role. Do think you’re funny?

Yes. I’m just trying to convince you of that.

That’s it? Just yes?

Uhh..you want more? It’s not good enough. I guess I’m not funny. I’ll work on it. I don’t know how to answer that.

This project shows off your improv skills. Are there any projects you’re interested in that would allow you to do more of that?

No. I don’t want to improv. They make me because they get bored. They’re like, be funnier. Make something up. Entertain us. Dance, monkey.

Would you host Saturday Night Live?

Gosling: I’m too scared. It took me a lot to get up the guts to do this.

What was scary about doing Crazy, Stupid, Love?

I’d never done a comedy before so that was scary. I did it because I love Steve Carell. I think he’s the best. When I first moved to Los Angeles, I did a pilot and I was 17. I had a small part and so did Steve. He was so funny that I would go to the set to watch him work. One time the boom guy had to throw down his mic and have a laugh attack in the corner.

Did Steve Carell remember working with you?

No. But I went for a meeting with him. I thought I had it in the bag because we worked together. He didn’t remember.

Convenient then that you get to slap him many times in this film.

He likes to get slapped.

Your character in the film, Jacob, is really good at picking up ladies. Can you relate to him at all?

Not really. I don’t know if anyone can. He’s kind of like Bugs Bunny. I relate more to Steve’s character. It was hard to play Jacob.

So are you shy around women?

I don’t know how to answer that. They come up to me and then they’re disappointed that I’m not Ryan Reynolds. Then they go away.

Did you research playing such a Lothario?

I didn’t really know how to go about preparing for this role. I really wanted to play The Situation from Jersey Shore and I showed up to set and they said, no it’s not that kind of movie.

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