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Sales networking and job networking are not the same thing: Author

Highly Effective Networking

Author: Orville Pierson
Publisher: Career Press, 249 pages
Price: $21.95

Being a recruiter who’s specialized in the marketing space, I am constantly shocked at how few people take advantage of networking to find a job.

Orville Pierson, the author of Highly Effective Networking echoes this sentiment but suggests that its possible that the majority of the books out there cater to folks who are looking to become “power networkers.” He also insinuates that networking for business is different to job hunt networking.

Though much of Pierson’s book is common sense, I think it shines a light on the fact that many of us disregard some of the basic tools we have at hand to find a job.

“This book is about finding, comfortable, honest, and effective ways to use the network you already have to find a great new job,” says Pierson.

At the end of the day Pierson puts a forth a straightforward plan. I agree that this is often lacking with the talent who approach me for work, they know they need to network, but not necessarily how. Pierson’s book is a good tool to show you how to decide on a networking strategy, prepare for it, talk to the right people and land the job.

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