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Sasha Grey: Love, loneliness and selfish sex

Sasha Grey is starring in the upcoming film Sasha Grey is starring in the upcoming film “Open Windows.” Credit: Getty Images

When in Rome… or, when in Moscow (I should say)… I take a stroll with porn star-turned-mainstream actress Sasha Grey, who is in the Russian capital promoting her new movie, the highly-anticipated crime thriller “Open Windows.” As we walk around the historic sights of the Kremlin, our conversation drifts away from the raw physical to the refined metaphysical.

How was it working alongside Elijah Wood in “Open Windows”?
In the film we had only one combined scene. But after shooting we had a lot of fun dinners and parties together. One night, we went to a club with good music – it was very cool.

Why did you decide to go topless in the movie?
It was a very important part of the film, actually. Because it is the first time Jill realizes that she’s free and independent and actually takes control of her life as a young woman. In this movie it’s a turning point and I don’t think that it’s vulgar. It’s important and for me, it’s not a problem to disrobe.

I heard that you’re a fan of philosophers like Arthur Schopenhauer and Jean-Paul Sartre. Do you plan to appear in something literary like Romeo and Juliet?
I think it’s very difficult to make a success of a classic in film. Very few people, I believe, can do it. I don’t want to become a director of such a film or to compromise myself, but I would definitely like to star in that kind of film.

Why do you like Sartre? It’s all about sadness and loneliness…
But I think that’s life. His philosophy is close to me. He said, “If you’ve decided to go away, you are free.” And I don’t think that this love of freedom is easy, but if you try, you will manage it.

What’s the difference for you between love and sex?
I think sex is beautiful, of course. But I think sex is more free and selfish, which is okay sometimes. Love is something that you have to give and it’s difficult for everybody.

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