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Sasha Obama’s first name isn’t Sasha and the internet is freaking out

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If you’ve spent the last eight years thinking the names of President Barack Obama’s daughters’ are Sasha and Malia Obama, we’ve got news for you — it’s a lie. Sasha’s real name is actually Natasha Obama.

I know. Crazy.

She used her given name last year while working her summer gig at Nancy’s seafood restaurant on Martha’s Vineyard, which apparently was confusing enough to throw people on her true identity as the president’s daughter — the half dozen secret service agents in tow kind of gave it away in the end, though.

Even though the younger of the ex-first daughters’ “real” name was listed on dad Barack’s Wikipedia page the entire time, apparently it’s mind-blowing news to most.

Natasha Obama isn’t the first to claim an alias

Sasha Obama isn’t the first celebrity to choose a zestier alternative to their given name, but she might be the youngest.

To prove that everything really is a lie, here are few other celebrities who have changed names.

Katy Perry? No one’s name is actually that perky. It’s really Katy Hudson.

Natalie Wood — The actress was born to Russian immigrant parents who gave her the name Natalia Nikolaevna Zakharenko.

Here’s a real shocker — Louis C.K. has an actual last name, it’s Szekely and it’s pronounced “see-kay,” get it?

Whoopi Goldberg? Nope. It’s actually Caryn Johnson.

OK so Hulk Hogan obviously adopted his nickname during his pro-wrestling days — if your name was Terry Jean Bollette, you’d probably want something a little more macho too.

Here’s one we definitely don’t get though: Joan Crawford’s real name in Luicille Lesueur, come on girl, that’s got some serious alliteration going on!

Gene Simmons of Kiss’s real name is Chaim Witz — that’s pretty metal.

But get this — you know the Dear Abby advice column in the newspaper. Yeah, more like Dear Pauline. Abby signed her name Abigail Van Burren, but it was actually Pauline Ester Friedman. It’s now penned by Pauline’s daughter, Jeanne Phillips.

Everything really is a lie.

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