Scammers target grandparents - Metro US

Scammers target grandparents

The Better Business Bureau in the Maritimes is issuing a warning for seniors to be wary if a “grandchild” calls asking for money.

In a release issued Thursday, the BBB said scammers have been targeting grandparents across the Maritimes by calling them, posing as their grandchildren, and asking for money — otherwise known as “the grandparent scam”.

The release said scammers have been “frantically” calling these grandparents, posing as their grandchildren claiming they have caused a car accident or were arrested. They are also posing as a police officer or lawyer. The Bureau said grandparents have lost thousands of dollars thinking their grandchild needs help.

The BBB advises if you get a call from somebody claiming to be your grandchild in distress, don’t disclose any information unless you are certain it’s them.

They also say if you’re a victim of this North American scam, report the incident immediately to local police.

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