School finds energy answer blowing in the wind - Metro US

School finds energy answer blowing in the wind

The ability to sharpen a pencil with a simple gust of wind is no longer a pipe dream for one Edmonton school.

St. Mary’s Catholic School celebrated the unveiling of its new wind turbine yesterday, which provides power to some of the school’s smaller electronics, such as electric pencil sharpeners and printers.

“This has been a wonderful journey for the students,” said Patti Fleger, a Grade 4 teacher at St. Mary, in a press release.

Partnered with BP energy, St. Mary’s vision has taken two years to achieve, but has brought a hands-on element to students when learning about renewable resources.

“I think it has given (the students) an opportunity to take ownership and leadership roles in looking at their roles in the future on how they are going to use energy,” said Fleger.

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