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Schumer: Keep drones away from airports, major events

REUTERS/Carlo Allegri

Drone manufactures should install technology into the popular devices that blocks them from flying near airports and major events, said Sen. Chuck Schumer.

On Sunday, the senior senator for New York told reporters that there were 130 near misses with drones at airports around the country, seven of which were in the New York City area.

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“It’s only a matter of time before a drone is sucked in to an airplane engine of a major passenger airliner and there’s a huge tragedy,” he said.

Schumer, who has long promoted regulation of drone technology, said he would introduce a new bill that would help the Federal Aviation Administration require drone makers to introduce geo-fencing technology into the machines.

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At least two unapproved drones were spotted at the West Indian Day parade, he told reporters. One drone crashed into empty seats at the U.S. Open in Queens on Sept. 3.

With the geo-fencing software, Schumer said drones would also be limited to a specific, safe altitude.

“Some 39 state legislatures say abolish drones, but that would be throwing out the baby with the bathwater,” Schumer added.

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