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Schwartzman gets comfortable in Bored To Death

After making a name for himself in film, Jonathan Schwartzman has found a surprisingly comfortable home on TV in HBO’s Bored to Death, where he channels the show’s creator, Jonathan Ames, to play a down-on-his-luck Brooklyn novelist who becomes an unlicensed private investigator.

How as it been coming back to Bored to Death for a second season?
Fun. I’ve worked with the same directors a couple of times, and I’ve sometimes worked with an actor who I’ve worked with before, but I’ve never worked playing the same character. And it’s a really great experience, personally, for someone like me. I get a little bit embarrassed sometimes, especially the first days of any job. It’s embarrassing to say your lines. I just think about the crew. Like, are the crew going, “This guy is an actor?” But the second season, the same crew, they have already seen you be terrible, so there’s really nothing to be afraid of anymore.

How much have your life and career changed since you’ve become a father?
Well, I’ve just become a father. I’m sure there are other people who have been fathers for longer that would know. I mean, it’s so cheesy to talk about. My wife and I, it’s just the two of us trying to make our child feel safe.

Working with co-stars like Ted Danson and Zach Galifianakis…as much fun as it sounds?
It is. Not to take your question and make it negative, but I have worked before on situations where it wasn’t fun. So to be able to work with Ted and Zach and have this experience where we’re all getting along so well, I’m so thankful for it. And they’re so up for trying things. Sometimes you can work with people who don’t want to keep doing another take. They’re just like, “Come on, we got it. I have a dinner reservation.” But Ted and Zach want to work, and they just want to keep going as long as we feel that we need to. Ted, by the way, I want him to legally become my actual father.

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