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Science News: You can’t buy better sleep, but you should cheat on your diet


The past week was largely hijacked by the Internet-wide debate over #thedress that got everyone from psychologists to film producers involved, but there are still a few mental notes worth making before you give up your entire diet as a lost cause over a doughnut.

Why cheating on your diet is actually good for you | Details

“When you constantly restrict your eating, your levels of leptin — a satiety hormone that both keeps you feeling full and helps rev your metabolism — begin to crash. But new research shows that a carb binge increases leptin levels and the number of calories burned in the following 24 hours.”

I tried to design the perfect night’s sleep | Fast Code Design

“I set out to try as many sleep-related products as I could, from activity-monitoring wristbands, to a light bulb that’s designed to help you wake up, to smart alarm clocks that measure your heart rate and movements to determine the best time to rouse you. Yet after weeks of methodically keeping tabs on my nighttime routines, I still couldn’t get a decent night’s sleep. Are sleep aids a scam?”

Are human getting cleverer? | BBC

IQ tests are getting tougher, yet the average score remains 100. If IQ has been rising about three points per decade since the 1950s, does that mean average intelligence has been rising? Scientists aren’t sure, but there are three major theories.

The light is tearing us apart | Slate

A video producer explains #thedress debate by revealing that it’s bad white balancing in the photo messing with our perception of its color. (#TeamBlueAndGold)

Vitamin B.S. | The Atlantic

“[W]e really don’t like uncertainty, especially in terms of our health. And there are so many things about health and life that are terrifying — not just getting sick, but inevitable mortality. So we’re really eager to have some kind of salve against that uncertainty, and vitamins really help play that role.”

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