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Science shows grocery stores can make you fat

Woman reading label at grocery store.

New research findings indicate that grocery stores can be to blame for weight gain.Grocery stores can apparently promote healthy eating or cause your next binge-eating relapse.

The researchers at Cornell University’s Food and Brand Lab have identified 100 ways a grocery store could change in order to promote healthy food selections. They created a Grocery Retailer Scorecard, an easy tool for consumers to judge how healthy a grocery store is.

The director of the lab, Brian Wansink, stated that both grocery stores and consumers would benefit from this research. He explained that grocery stores will sell more perishable food rather than throwing them away and consumers can make healthier purchases.

We recognize that certain stores like Whole Foods and Trader Joes are healthy grocers. But what about the average grocery filled with rows of packaged, highly processed foods?Potentially, the scorecards will promote healthy changes in grocery stores.

The study’s findings will be presented as a poster at the 2015 Society of Nutrition Education and Behavior conference on Sunday July 26th from 10-12.

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