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Scrotox: Millennial men are Botoxing their balls. Here’s why

Botox is popular among people looking to improve the appearance of their faces, but there is an emerging trend in the world of plastic surgery that gives Botox a new purpose. It’s called Scrotox, and as the name suggests, it’s for your balls, guys. 

According to experts, more millennial men are jumping on the ball Botox bandwagon and taking manscaping to a whole new level. Scrotox is a nonsurgical cosmetic treatment of the scrotum with neurotoxin or Botox injections. Botox is used to inject directly into the testicles to decrease sweating, reduce wrinkles and make the scrotum appear larger due to the relaxation of the muscles. The result, doctors say, is an improved aesthetic appearance.

Gotham Plastic Surgery surgeon Dr. Douglas S. Steinbrech points to more benefits, like allowing testicles to hang down further, relieving testicular pain and enhancing sexual activity. 

“This idea came to fruition because I have a male practice and I have patients coming in and asking for every sort of improvement for their bodies and faces, and this was a logical extension of my practice. I have patients that came in and wanted more of a relaxed area down there and didn’t like the look of that area with so much ‘shrinkage’ as they would say on the ‘Seinfeld’ show,” said Steinbrech, who practices in New York City as well as Beverly Hills. “This procedure is increasing in popularity with my patients in New York and in Los Angeles.”

Is Scrotox safe?

Thought Scrotox is not FDA approved, Steinbrech believes Botox is safe to inject in the testicular area. The procedure takes approximately four minutes and the Botox takes two to seven days for the muscle to relax. There is not any significant swelling, he said, and the patient can return to work immediately after the procedure and go to the gym the same day. The age group for this procedure is somewhere between the early 20s through the 50s, with most patients in their 20s and 30s.

Dr. Kerem Bortecen of NYC Surgical Associates points to the psychological benefits of Scrotox, which he says can potentially enhance a man’s sexual performance by boosting self-confidence. But Dr. Bortecen’s views on the safety of the procedure are mixed.

“Some experts believe Scrotox could have a potentially negative effect on sperm count and effectiveness,” he told Metro. “Testicles are outside of the body for a reason; sperm functions better at a lower temperature than the body temperature.”

The scrotum helps regulate body temperature, contracting and relaxing the testicles close to and away from the body, Bortecen said. Injecting Botox into this area could have an effect on this function and therefore potentially affect sperm count. There is also the possibility that Botox could spread inside the body to a man’s testicles.

“I believe there is still more testing and research to be done both on short-term and long-term effects before recommending this to patients,” Bortecen said. “It’s a strictly cosmetic treatment with no health benefits; however, I do think it could be beneficial to men who are self-conscious about their scrotum who are looking for a solution.”

A male patient who asked to remain anonymous said he heard about Scrotox from a male physician friend who gets it himself as “his girlfriend didn’t care or think it was weird or anything.”

At around $500 a pop, this patient’s doctor predicted it will last about 3 months and he’s built about $2,000 a year into his budget for the procedure.

“It will make my balls appear bigger as well as smoother, which will make sex better. I also understand it will assist with limiting sweat as well. It will make my scrotum more pleasant looking and not wrinkly. It will make sex better as my scrotum will be smooth like a baby’s butt,” he said.