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Second Shift: Making every minute count

Coco Robert

Our Second Shift series features people working more than one job and finding creative ways to make money. This week, meet a New Yorker who works days, nights and still manages to find time to work out. Want to be featured? Email Emily.Laurence@metro.us.

Name:Coco Robert
Number of jobs: 2

What exactly do you do, working for VH1/MTV?

For the past year and a half, I’ve worked with a small team in what’s called the multiplatform programming department. We divvy up new shows as they are greenlit and scheduled. For each series I choose, I’m responsible for things like curating highlights and promotional copy, programming clips and featured music on the showpage, and developing creative media such as synced content on the app.

How did you get the job?

While I was at NYU, a Viacom recruiter placed me as an intern within the department. I spent the following summer in Europe with no idea that they were trying to contact me to take over a full time position. I hadn’t been looking for a day job, so when I finally got the message via Facebook, I was surprised and flattered. The prospect of adding a job during the week on top of deejaying was somewhat daunting, but I figured I wouldn’t know how hard it would be until I tried.

Right, you’re also a DJ. How did you get into that?

It’s been four years now. I graduated from high school early and moved straight into the city, so I used the extra time I had before college to go out and get to know New York. I met a lot of people working in music, including an agency founder who offered to teach me to DJ and soon after arranged my first bookings. It started with Saturdays upstairs at the club Avenue, and then took on a life of its own. I ended up spending more time deejaying around Manhattan than I did in class.

How often do you DJ?

I’ll work four nights some weeks and take others completely off. But I’m always putting hours into it in some shape or form, whether that means practicing or seeking out a contact at a new venue I’m interested in. I have non-exclusive contracts with different agencies, so I’ll be scheduling with them, on top of running around and getting my own bookings. Lately I’ve also been working on coordinating with brands I like. Most recently, Equinox, Bally Swiss, SCOOP NYC, Mr. Boho etc.

Is it exhausting to have to work at night and then get up early and work during the day?

It definitely can be, but it helps that my jobs benefit each other and consistently evolve and surprise me. On an average night, I’ll either be out late or go to an early dinner with friends and knock out almost immediately after. There’s generally not much of an in between. Either way, I try to get up in time to squeeze in a work out at Equinox and then relax in the steam room before heading to the office around 10am. It’s amazing what a difference it makes for the rest of the day.

Are you working both jobs because you need the money or just because you really like both?

I like both and I like having two sources of income. I’m particular about being able to treat myself to the things I want to do and the car I want to drive, the shoes I want to wear and the apartment I want to live in. It feels good to earn enough on my own to be able to indulge without stressing. It’s also about the people. I truly enjoy the company of both the people I am surrounded by during the day, and the people I choose to work with by night.

Overall, are you happy with the way your work life is or are you hoping to change anything?

I like my busy work life. My time is constrained, which motivates me to get more out of it. In my experience, if you want to get something done, ask a busy person. If you don’t, ask someone with nothing but time.

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