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Secondary suite policy on agenda

Policy surrounding the building of secondary suites in established Calgary communities is officially on the docket for council’s upcoming meeting.

Ald. Ric McIver has submitted a notice of motion asking council to create a more definitive policy around the location and development of secondary suites.

“My motion, I hope, will involve policy around how close together or far apart (secondary suites) are in established communities.”

McIver said concern has come from community associations and residents about the number of secondary suites in one area.

“I’m hoping that we will get a lot more public support for putting them in to individual communities when hopefully people know that there won’t be five or six in a row that would change the character of the community,” he said.

Ald. Gord Lowe and Ald. Jim Stevenson have signed on to the motion, which will be discussed by council June 7.

“If we get it right there’s, I think, potential for adding a lot of secondary suites with public support,” said McIver.

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