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SEE IT: The cars we’ll be driving in 100 years

We probably won’t be alive to drive these cars but at least we can see what future generations will be cruising the highways in. MINI, Rolls-Royce and BMW all presented their future tech but it was Motorrad, the motorcycle division of the brand, that came up with the most innovative ideas with their Vision Next 100.

The bike can adjust to road conditions and apparently it’s so safe a rider won’t need protective clothing or a helmet. But they will have to wear a data-display visor called a Digital Companion, which can advise on driving lines and potential hazards. The most notable news is that it will be non-polluting and will use high range electric propulsion. BMW made its first motorcycle in the 1920s, and purists see the developments as a serious downer because they want to handle the machine, not just ride it. However, the reality is that as a means of transportation, it should be more efficient, safe and clean.


BMW unveiled a range of innovations that aim to make the driving experience more efficient, dynamic and elegant. The BMW Vision Next 100 Bimmer does not represent BMW’s vision towards the immediate future or its powertrain, it simply mentions that this is what driving will be like in the next 100 years: autonomous and spectacularly efficient. It leaves behind its metal construction with carbon fiber and plastics by printing in 4D, mainly 3D impressions capable of producing themselves after the first printing stage. Inside there are environmentally friendly recycled materials, while its infotainment system is completely intuitive.

MINI, after being presented as an original design in 1959, has continued to evolve. The truth is that we love the Cooper and even more its John Cooper Works version.However, the latest version is different from anything we’ve seen before.

Highlighted by an exaggerated minimalism, we notice a cluster of intelligent instruments and a completely clear interior. Its structure can project different images and in its interior offers an infinite level of customization: your Mini will look one way in the morning and completely different at night.

Autonomous driving, exceptional safety and intelligent audio systems, will all be available in this next generation of Mini, and while this concept vehicle might not be 100 percent grounded, the future is coming.

Rolls Royce 103EX has a linear body and iconic floating headlights, while its verticality coupled with its front fender, whichare all inspired by the first Rolls. The grill rack is square and flat, contemporary in style and truly the distinctive feature of the brand.

-Marco Alegría

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