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See the cutest pets up for adoption in Boston

Everyday is a good day to adopt a new fur baby into your home, but, Saturday marks clear the Shelters day. This is a day dedicated to shelters reducing their fees in order to encourage people to take home an animal in need.

Shelters across Boston will be participating in the event. Metro has already started the hunt for you by picking out some of the most eligible pet bachelors and bachelorettes around town.


Meet Bo, a man full of kisses. A prime candidate for anyone looking for a new pet to take with them to parks, on runs or really any kind of fun outside activities. Plus, he’s a total ladies man, so single fellas: adopting Bo could mean you’re getting a girlfriend soon too.


Big dogs aren’t for everyone. But Demi, the Dachshund Chihuahua mix is the perfect small dog for an afternoon of lap cuddles. Demi loves hotdogs, snuggling, and quick learner. Did we mention lap warmer already? Winter is coming and everyone needs a little extra fur in their laps.


Maybe your landlord doesn’t go for the puppies in the apartment, but that doesn’t mean you cant adopt a new friend! Dusty the chinchilla doesn’t even need an introduction. He’s that cute. Oh, and soft, cuddly… look at those ears!


Beauty is in the eyes beholder, so hold Maji. The so-ugly-your-cute guinea pig. You could almost mistake him for a shitz-u with all that hair. But we bet brushing Maji is as relaxing as your first glass of wine on Friday.

Remember to go to your local shelter this Saturday for adoption deals, even though adding a new family is always a win-win, Clear the Shelters day will make the whole family, and your wallet, smile.

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