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Sending out a rainforest SOS

Sending an SOS to the world is what British rock star and environmentalist Sting has been doing lately. This time not with The Police hit song Message in a Bottle but with a video, part of the Rainforest SOS, a campaign currently being conducted by Prince Charles’ Rainforests Project (PRP).

The main goal is to draw attention and support to preserve world’s rainforests. To get global awareness, Sting and other celebrities have joined the Prince of Wales’ project.

“Climate change and the rapidly increasing destruction of the Earth’s ecosystems, which we depend upon for vital materials and services are, to my mind, the greatest challenges facing the world.

“If unchecked, they will dwarf any of our current financial difficulties, resulting in billions of environmental refugees, uncertain production of food and lack of water, the increasing spread of disease and, of course, growing social instability. They will affect the well-being of every man, woman and child on our planet,” Prince Charles told Metro.

Sting’s support of the campaign coincides with the 30th anniversary of Message in a Bottle.

“Thirty years ago, I wrote Message in a Bottle. Today, I’m supporting The Prince’s Rainforests Project to send an SOS to the world. Sending your SOS is easy, and can help create the climate for change.”

The campaign expects to get the biggest global SOS before the UN’s international climate change meeting in Copenhagen in December.

Next month, it will culminate in a major rainforest event hosted by Prince Charles, that will include key leaders, NGO directors and leading figures from the business community

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