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Septina Smith

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Septina Smith before, left, and after her Style By Jury makeover.

What’s your first impression of Septina Smith? Our jury nearly jumped out of their seats when she walked in looking like a “punk rock Barbie” with frilly pink shorts, black fishnet stockings, and lace cutoff gloves, all topped off with a blond Mohawk haircut. The look was saying “keep away,” but Septina’s wonderful radiant smile and open manner suggested there was a person hidden inside who was not the same as the “street punk” the jury was seeing.

At 35, she has the same look she had when she was a teenager. But the look that was cool as a kid is now holding back this talented jewelry designer and budding entrepreneur. And she has an even bigger challenge: low self-esteem and the inability to sell herself.

Septina’s makeover started with a surprise visit from sales coach, Harvey Cohen (www.harveycohen.com), who secretly watched as she tried unsuccessfully to sell her jewelry to a store owner. His advice to Septina was to take control, ask questions, and most important, say, “I can do it.”

Septina also needed a more professional look, so we called in our fashion stylist, David Clemmer. He took her shopping at Boa (www.TheBoaRoom.com) which carries funky, original pieces that can start the day and easily work their way into night. The look was perfect for her. She especially loved her new pair of “skinnies.” David says skinny jeans aren’t for everyone, but slim women can pull off this look because the hip to leg ratio creates a slim silhouette. “If you don’t have a boyish figure but just have to have a pair of skinnies, then remember: try on lots of pairs because every brand has slight variations that make a difference in how they fit; choose darker denim because it’s slimming; choose stiffer denim because it conceals better; get a flared bottom to help balance larger hips; match skinnies with a larger top that falls below the waist and creates the illusion of slimmer hips and legs.”

Then it was off to see hairstylist Johnny Cupello, who gave Septina a blond pixie cut that matched her warm, welcoming personality.

Makeup artist Korby Banner showed her how using a contrasting eyeshadow can make the eyes pop. In Septina’s case, he used lavender to bring out her beautiful green eyes.

Before it was time for Septina to face our jury for a second time, she had one more challenge. Coach Cohen arranged for her to pitch her jewelry collection to a group of no-nonsense buyers, but he never expected her to break down into tears.

Could Septina pull it together, believe in herself, and meet Cohen’s challenge?

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