Severed ‘hand’ was not human - Metro US

Severed ‘hand’ was not human

An apparent severed hand found in a downtown alley Tuesday night has been proven non-human.

A man found the decomposing piece of flesh while walking in an alley near 120 Street and 103 Avenue around 8 p.m.

Police handed over the appendage to the city’s medical examiner, and it was determined yesterday morning it’s non-human.

“It’s fairly frequent that people will bring in something like a leg or a head thinking they’re human,” investigator Ron Jacobs said.

While investigators don’t know what species it came from, it could be a bear’s paw, he added.

The untrained eye, Jacobs said, could easily have mistaken the paw for a man’s hand, though investigators determined quickly that it was not.

“Some bones are very obvious, and some are much harder to tell. We knew right away that it was not human,” he said.

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