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Sex, scandal, sisterhood: ‘Dirty Rush’

Dirty Rush

Sure, sorority girls may be all pearls and tea parties on the surface, but if popular culture is any indication (anyone remember that show “Sorority Life” on MTV?), that’s really just a facade to all the binge drinking, boy stealing and rumor-spreading that goes on.

And the girls in Taylor Bell’s new book “Dirty Rush” (out today) are such crazy party girls that they might remind you of, well, frat guys. Clue number one: the first chapter is called “Tequila, Lime Juice and Adderall.” The book is Bell’s memoir in a way, about her time as a Beta Zeta member in college.

When she started her freshman year, Taylor had no interest in joining a sorority, but because she was a legacy, she was recruited, hard. What followed were x-rated parties, insane dieting rules and fake friendships. Then, all hell breaks loose when a sex tape featuring a Taylor look-a-like is leaked.

Told you it was juicy.

“Dirty Rush” is out today, at bookstores everywhere.

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