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Shake Shack opens in Penn Station this weekend

A panacea for your Penn Station woes.

Penn Station is no one’s favorite transit hub in NYC. It’s certainly no Grand Central terminal. When navigating the perennially jam-packed, low-ceilinged passageways, commuters do best to keep their head down and get through to where they’re going without having a panic attack.

While Penn Station does have the Pennsy — a high-end, upstairs food hall filled with culinary delights like a Cinnamon Snail burger stand and La Colombe coffee truck — when you’re trudging through the train station’s underground corridors, your best bet for sustenance is probably the healthy(-ish) chain Chickpea.

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Good news for the harried and hungry: New York’s beloved burger joint, hometown heroShake Shack is set to open an outpost in Penn Station’s lower concourse this Saturday, Dec. 3.

In addition to their classic menu of burgers, fries and custards, the chain will serve breakfast, tea and Stumptown coffee.

Next time you descend into the belly of Midtown’s transit beast, at least now you can console yourself with the knowledge that tasty, comfort food awaits you.

…. except that the lines will inevitably be atrocious and you’ll probably end up at Chickpea again.

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