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Sharon Stone knows what you’re going to say about her butt

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Sharon Stone is a national treasure, if for no other reason than how she talks about her butt.

The stunning 56-year-old recently told E! News that even though she’s in great shape, going on vacation has her feeling nervous about her body.

“I haven’t worked out in a couple of months because I just didn’t feel like it. But now I’m going on vacation and I know what they’re going to do. [The tabloids] are going to put a circle around my ass and do one of those crazy magnified pictures saying, ‘What happened to her ass? It’s a bag of cheese,'” she laments.

“I would just like to say it’s a fine triple crème brie! Right when they zoom in I should have a tattoo on my ass that says, ‘You wish you could get a bite of this.'”

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