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‘ShiftWear’ sneakers change colors with customizable digital display

It can be a quite a challenge keeping up with fast (footwear) fashion but these sneakers could be the answer to staying on trend. The ShiftWear sneaker range has color e-ink displays that can be customized with either still or animated designs through the touch of a button. The waterproof HD panels on the side of the shoes are changed via an app on the wearer’s phone or tablet. The kicks, which come in high, medium or low tops in five colorways for between $250 to $400, are the brainchild of New York-based ShiftWear founder David Coelho. He explains to Metro why high-tech trainers are the next big trend.

Q: What inspired you to develop ShiftWear?

I got tired of smart watches and other wearables. I wanted to give “sneakerheads” a chance to customize their shoes and to create their own unique look. I also wanted to give artists the chance to sell and share their art in a new market by giving them a chance to design the latest fashion trends.

Q: How does ShiftWear work?

A mobile app — which will be available on iOS and Android devices—will allow a user to create or upload images and send them wirelessly using Bluetooth technology to their ShiftWear sneakers.

Q: Who are these shoes aimed at?

ShiftWear was designed for those who love art, fashion and technology. People who love sneakers and like to constantly create a unique look for themselves.

Q: What advantages do these sneakers have over other styles?

ShiftWear products allow you to customize both the design and color as frequently as you’d like, while traditional sneakers lock you into one look or style.

Q: Will the sneakers be waterproof?

The flexible electronics will be waterproof and will be completely encapsulated with a plastic material.

Q: What does the future hold for these kind of sneakers?

The future is looking very bright for sneakers like these. We see the ShiftWear fan base and community growing larger every day. We have a vision to have a ShiftWear store in every major city in the world.

-By Daniel Casillas

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