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Shockingly great

Fire electric bolts or ice blasts as you battle for survival in BioShock for Xbox 360 and PC.


Publisher: 2K Games

Platforms: Xbox 360, PC

Reviewed on: Xbox 360

Rating: M — Mature

Game type: Shooter

***** (out of 5)

What’s the premise?

After barely surviving a plane crash into the North Atlantic, you discover a mysterious lighthouse that is the gateway to an astonishing undersea world where a group of humans have dramatically modified themselves, giving them powerful and often terrifying abilities. As you battle to stay alive in this remarkable environment you are forced to decide how far you’ll go and how much of your humanity you’re willing to sacrifice to survive.

This game is most similar to…?

It’s as creepy as Silent Hill or Manhunt, but as thrilling as Gears Of War.

Is it appropriate for young gamers?

You’re kidding, right?

One player or more?

The lack of a multiplayer mode might be the only thing bad about this game.

What’s missing?

The psychiatrist to talk you out of the fetal position after playing hour after hour of hyper-tense blood-soaked action in this breathtaking art-deco world beneath the waves.

The (not-so) secret to success is…?

OK kids, so we all know drugs are bad, but in this game they’re the key to survival. Injecting yourself with “plasmids” found throughout the game can enable you to fire electric bolts or ice blasts from your fingertips or hatch swarms of deadly hornets from your arms, to name just a few talents.

And in the end?

The environment in BioShock is one of the most compelling ever seen, the gameplay is fluid and free and the storyline will chill you to the bone. It is an instant contender for Metro’s Game Of The Year.

NCAA Football 08

Publisher: EA

Platforms: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation 2, Xbox

Reviewed on: PlayStation 3

Rating: E — Everyone

Game type: Sports

Rating: **** (out of five)

What’s the premise?

Take control of your favourite U.S. college or university pigskin program and lead them to the national championship in EA’s deepest, most detailed NCAA Football title ever.

This game is most similar to…?

NCAA Football 07.

Is it suitable for younger gamers?

I’m not sure my young sons are ready for football yet. Are yours?

One player or more?

What the fun in leading obscure schools like Florida International and San Jose State to glorious victory unless it’s over your friends, either in the same room or online.

What’s missing?

It’d be nice if the player’s names were included instead of hearing over and over again how great generic player No. 26 is.

The (not-so) secret to success is…?

This game is packed with stuff, from an improved dynasty mode where you can build a team from nothing to glory to an all-new campus legend feature where you make a high school star and then find him the best school to play for and much, much more. The way to get the most out of this game is to take your time and try it all.

And in the end?

Best. NCAA. Football. Game. Yet.


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