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Shoe designer creates steel and silver stiletto heels

silver stiletto heels These heels were made for walking.
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The phrase “built to last” isn’t one you’d normally associate with a pair of stilettos. Then again, most heels aren’t made of stainless steel and silver, and come with a 1,000-year guarantee.

Designer Chris Shellis assures Metro that the $1,686.10 Borgezie Riviera shoes are more comfortable than leather footwear, thanks to their unique design and silicone liners and uppers. Shellis, a jeweler based in Birmingham, U.K., explains why his well-heeled concept is a “genuine treasure.”

You designed the stilettos, but did you road-test them?

[Laughs] Erm, they’ve been extensively tried and tested by my partner — she was the test dummy who went through the development rigors. I’ve had models wearing these for 10 hours, and the girls have always said they’re fine.

Many women seem to have countless pairs of heels, so why would they want a pair that will last a thousand years?

It’s more about creating something that is a genuine treasure. I love archaeology and the idea of finding things from the past which remain as good as the day they were built.

Are you concerned that they could be used as a weapon?

Erm, I hadn’t thought of that. I’m not sure they’ll be taken into that kind of environment … unless some rival celebrities meet on the red carpet.

You’re obviously one for a wild design, so what’s next?

I’m soon to reveal a $337,220 stiletto, which is covered in diamonds. It’s the crown jewel.

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