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Sid Rosenberg: Roger Goodell, NFL need to get their act together now

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When will suits at the NFL headquarters get with the program?It seems to me that Roger Goodell and the slime balls that run the NFL do give two damns about what really matters when it comes to penalizing players for their actions.Perform a dance routine after a touchdown, you are immediately fined. But get arrested for domestic abuse or assault?Let’s take our time, look into it, and still pay you while we do so.

Time after time NFL players are arrested on a litany of charges from battery to DUI to assault to drugs to domestic violence and they still are picking up their paychecks week-after-week.Yet when a player during a game makes a split second decision to lower their shoulder to hit a player and accidentally make the hit with the crown of their helmet they are fined ludicrous amounts of money.A football player’s job is to hit other players on the field in a controlled environment, it’snot to hit women off the field at a bar or in a hotel or God forbid in the “safety” of their own home.

So why is it that when a player makes an illegal hit on someone during a game, the following day the NFL swiftly hands out a fine and in some instances a suspension, but it will takes weeks or months for the NFL to hand out punishments for off the field crimes?There is something seriously wrong with this process.

In my humble opinion, any player that commits a violent crime of any kind off the football field should be immediately dismissed from the NFL.Why should players be given a second chance when so many of their peers have committed violent crimes?Why doesn’t the NFL put its foot down and say enough is enough when it comes to violent crimes?

There are undoubtedly a plethora of football players out there who are willing to obey the laws of the American justice system and still maintain a high level of play on the field.It is truly a shame that players that players that commit domestic abuse or assault are given second chances. They simply do not deserve it.If they cannot control themselves off the field they should not be allowed to make millions playing on it. It is also a shame that the NFL is portraying some of these players as role models to our children.

The NFL needs to rid its league of these playersthat commit these heinous crimes off the field because it’s tarnishing the image of the majority -law-abiding citizens that play in the league.There needs to be something done and done quickly because if players do not learn from their peers’ mistakes, we are going to have a professional football league that looks like the cast of “The Longest Yard” – with a rap sheet that is no joking matter.

Roger Goodell and the clowns at the NFL headquarters better get it together soon or they are going to have a lot of cleaning up to do.

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