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Sidescrollers: ‘Broken Age’ and ‘Mucho Party’ make iPad gaming fun

“Broken Age” is a visual feast with puzzles that could be just a bit harder.
Credit: Double Fine Games

Apple’s iPad has a rich and giant touchscreen which, in addition to wasting hours on Tinder, makes it great for gaming. As such, developers have consistently pumped out title after title for your little bathroom buddy. Here are a couple more.

‘Broken Age’
Double Fine Games
4 globes

“Broken Age” is “the” Kickstarter success story for gaming. It managed to raise 3.5 million bucks on the crowdfunding site without breaking a sweat, due to the name recognition of lead designer Tim Schafer. Mr. Schafer is one of the patron saints of adventure gaming, having his hand in “Monkey Island,” “Grim Fandango,” “Day of the Tentacle” and many more classics.

So how is “Broken Age?” Did the Internet do well to invest so much in it? In a word, yes. It isn’t too far removed from the adventure classics of yesteryear, in that it moves slowly and is more interested in puzzles and story than anything else. Thankfully, both of these aspects shine, although the puzzles could be a bit more difficult. The iPad’s touchscreen seems to be made for this game, making it the definitive version in my eyes.

“Mucho Party” tries to challenge Nintendo in the realm of party games.
Credit: Globz

‘Mucho Party’
4 globes

Nintendo seems to have cornered the market in party games, but that doesn’t mean a few don’t pop up on other platforms every now and then. Enter “Mucho Party,” an acid-dipped two player mini-game collection that would feel right at home with a Wario logo stamped over it.

The game is meant to be played with the iPad on a table and two people crowded around it (just like my marriage). There are all kinds of rapid fire challenges that await players, 30 in all. These include hitting nails through boards, tap dancing and, uh, playing Twister with your fingers. It’s super fun, especially in short bursts. Don’t spill beer on the iPad, though. They tend not to like that.

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