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Simple DIY curtains for spring

One creative, super-simple way to spruce up your home for spring is to change out heavy curtains for light, airy drapes. The good news is that letting the light in doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune on new decor.

Instead, check out these budget-friendly DIY projects that’ll leave your windows looking like they came out of an Anthropologie catalogue.
Burlap isn’t necessarily a fabric that traditionally screams of spring, but (if done right) it can actually give your living room a crisp, fresh feel. Another kicker? It’s a no-sew project that’s relatively inexpensive to pull off.
“Our family room had so many windows that I needed to find an inexpensive way to add drapery without breaking the bank!,” says Jessica Bruno of Four Generations One Roof. “I purchased burlap for under $2 a yard and made my own no-sew curtains.”
Bruno completed the look with just three and a half yards of burlap, which covered 10 large windows. The finished product is airy and light—perfect for spring. It’s also easy to swap out when the seasons change.
For full instructions, click here.
A Sharpie is all you need to pull off this next look, which uses your own handwriting and some creative messaging. Just be sure to use a permanent market; not a paint pen. Putting a piece of cardboard under the curtains while writing is also a good idea.
“The hardest part is deciding what to write,” says Karen Cooper of Dogs Don’t Eat Pizza. For her kitchen curtains, Cooper decided to write a variety of cooking-related words (like “bake,” “mix” and “stir”) in varying cursives and prints.
And if the curtains get dirty over time, washing them won’t smudge the writing. Just throw them in the gentle cycle in cold water.
For full instructions, click here.
Who says the ombre look only applies to your hair? Achieving an equally edgy fade with your curtains is actually easier than you might think. June Olson, the creator of Nostalgiecat, got started with white lace curtains she picked up at Ikea. From there, she mixed a few packs of Dylon dye to create varying shades of blue.
“This really is as easy as dip-and-dye,” she says. “Just make sure you wear gloves, as I ended up looking like a Smurf after doing mine!”
Your best tool in this case is gravity—for the best effect, hang the curtains on a clothesline while the bottom sits in the bucket of dye. This will help create a gradual ombre effect (as opposed to a harsh separation between shades).
For full instructions, click here.
Whether your home is ultra-modern or boho-chic, printed curtains can help accentuate the tone and feel. Instead of dropping money at Crate and Barrel, opt for plain cotton drapes from any home store—then kick them up a notch by painting on a cool pattern.
Before you let the intimidation set in, keep in mind that you’ll be using a stencil. Megan over at Balancing Home breaks down the process in easy-to-execute steps using stencils she picked up at Cutting Edge Stencils. According to her, the trick is to avoid using too much paint. She also advises putting some muscle into your rolling to produce the best final image.
For full instructions, click here.

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