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Simple ways to make a difference

Scientists generally agree that lifestyles in the developed world will have to change if residents want to enjoy a clean, healthy and sustainable future. Each one of us, therefore, has a role and responsibility to reassess the way we live — even if it’s just one step at a time.

Purchasing habits are a good place to start. A recent Angus Reid poll reports that while most Canadians know they should be doing something about the environment, still 60 per cent admit that when it comes to making decisions in the store, they “seem to stick to the regular brands, not the natural ones.”

As well, 92 per cent of Canadians agree that: “People talk a lot about doing something for the environment, but not many seem to actually be doing something about it.”

Take a look at your laundry room for three easy ways to make a big difference. Here are just a few responsible purchases one can make:

>> Purchase a front-load washing machine. This efficient system cleans your clothes by lifting them to the top of the tub and then dropping them into the water below. Front-loading machines can handle 5 to 9 kilos of clothes at a time and yet they fill only partly with water and wash best with low-suds detergent.

>> Switch to a biodegradable laundry detergent:
Angus Reid reports 75 per cent of Canadians are concerned about the effects that soaps and laundry detergents have on the environment.

Detergents are changing and becoming more environmentally conscious. Among those leading the pack, for example, is the newest line of Purex detergent called Natural Elements.

It is biodegradable. The ingredients of this 2X ultra concentrate biodegrade in just 28 days.

>> Install a Dry Vent Switch: To conserve energy and lower your
heating costs, why not direct your electric dryer vent indoors? There
are several kits available with high-quality lint traps so you can
quickly re-direct the warm air inside. The dryer stays attached to the
outdoor vent, but if you like, just flip a switch to indoor. Caution:
check your municipal codes for guidelines on this procedure and never
vent a gas dryer indoors.