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Sister requests leniency for Bulger’s girlfriend

Sister requests leniency for Bulger’s girlfriend
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A judge set to sentence James “Whitey” Bulger’s girlfriend, Catherine Greig, next week has gotten a letter requesting leniency from her twin sister.

Margaret McCusker, Greig’s twin, said in a letter to the court that Greig has “not a violent bone in her body” and was already serving an “unprecedented” sentence, The Associated Press reported.

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“She has been a good citizen her whole life,” McCusker’s letter to U.S. District Court Judge F. Dennis Saylor IV was quoted by the Boston Globe. “She was the only person who seemed to have a positive influence [on Bulger.] Over 16 years on the run he was crime free. I believe she was the reason for it.”

Greig has been serving an eight-year sentence for assisting Bulger as he avoided capture during 16 years on the run, the AP article stated, adding that she pleaded guilty to a contempt charge for refusing to testify about whether others also helped him. She has yet to be sentenced on that charge.

“In my opinion, Cathy has been targeted as the person who has ‘not cooperated’ and has been unfairly punished as a result,” McCusker’s letter was quoted by the Globe. “In contrast, in New York, mafia [sic] wives have their own TV reality shows.”

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Greig is set to be sentenced on the contempt charge on April 28, according to the AP.