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Smart bed detects if someone is cheating

If the mattress detects cheating, it sends an alert and a 3D image to the owner's sma
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Cheaters beware: a new mattress can detect and alert the owner when someone is having sex on the sly.

Smarttress, created by the Spanish company Durmet, is an intelligent mattress designed to detect infidelity. This new device boasts a so-called Lovers Detection System, a series of hidden sensors that can detect “suspicious movements” on its surfaceand send an alert to the owner’s smartphone. The app also sends you a 3D image that shows how the bed is being used from the side and front.

Antonio Muiño, spokesman for Durmet, explains why it’s more important than ever to monitor our mattresses.

Why did you decide to create a mattress that detects infidelity?

After reading the latest studies about infidelity in Spain, which showthatthe Spaniards are the most unfaithful in Europeand that 94 percent saytheir preferred place to make love is in their own home, our advertising agency Grey Spain came up with an idea to reassure men and women not only during the nightbut also during the day when they leave to go to work.

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How is it possible to detect infidelity via a mattress?

When the mattress detects suspicious activity, the communication system begins to send information to a server that processes it. If it detects suspicious activity regarding time of use, frequency, intensity or speed, it sends a push notification to the terminal with which it is linked. In addition, the software is able to know in real time the position of each sensor and thus show a 3D map of the mattress to know exactly what Smarttress area is receiving greater pressure.

Tell us more about the Lover Detection System?

Smarttress is a mattress with a normal appearance that conceals state-of-the-art technology inside,the Lover Detection System. It is arevolutionary product that consists of 24 ultrasonic sensors capable of capturing the suspicious movement of the bed and to inform the owner via a mobile app.

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Could you explain what is deemed to be a “suspicious movement of the bed”?

Suspicious activity is a way of saying a sexual act. The identification of it depends on the time of use, frequency, intensity or usual speed.

How accurate is this technology?

The technology identifies the type of movement and sends notifications only in cases of infidelity. If a pet or child jumps on the bed, it identifies that this is not a “movement” related to infidelity.

– By Daniel Casillas

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