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‘Smarter’ coffee machine will let you make make a cup of Joe with your smartphone

Making your morning cup of joe just got ‘smarter’ thanks to a new coffee machine that syncs with your phone. The Wi-Fi Coffee Machine by British startup Smarter can be triggered, via a smartphone, to not only make you a hot drink tailored to your specific taste, but it can have your brew ready for you before you even wake up. The gadget will reach the U.S. market next March, but it’s already available online. The device costs $199 and its app is available for iOS and Android. Metro spoke with the Smarter team about intelligent coffee-making.

This machine was inspired by your previous device iKettle?

Yes. After launching the world’s first wi-fi enabled kettle in the UK, thanks to our passion for tea, coffee and technology it seemed the logical next step for us. And I can say Smarter can give an experience unique to the user and coffee-lover.

What makes your coffee-maker ‘smart’?

The main difference between Smarter and others is the ability to use it remotely which we hope will save our customers’ precious time. The days of programming and scheduling your coffee preparation can be a thing of the past.

Can it prepare different kinds of coffee?

Our Smarter coffee machine is a filter coffee machine that can produce 1 to 12 cups at a time with various strengths available. At this time our coffee machine cannot make different coffees such as lattes. But maybe soon we’ll have it.

Is Smarter the kind of gadgetry people are looking out for these days?

The Internet of Things phenomenon is allowing us to create smart homes that work for us, learn our habits and use that knowledge to make us more efficient. The ethos of trying to help busy people is behind all of our products and Smarter is one of these examples.

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