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Smiles in the clinic line

Turning a line of frowns into smiles isn’t an easy task — especially when it’s young kids — but one Calgary performer is taking on the task.

Eric Fairlie of Quicksilver Entertainment said he decided to surprise kids and parents in line at the Avenida H1N1 immunization clinic yesterday morning with balloons and tricks to lighten the mood.

“The parents were so relieved, and the kids were being patient, waiting for their balloons and everyone seemed happy I was there,” he said. “I just thought this was a good opportunity to be able to give back and help out.”

Alberta Health Services spokesperson Bruce Conway said as long as Fairlie had permission from the property owners, they were okay with it.

“We think it’s a nice thing he is doing to help lighten the mood,” he added.

Laurie Prosser was waiting at the Avenida location with her young daughter when they caught a performance. “I think it’s a great idea because it entertains the kids while we wait,” she said.

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