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So, about that Lea Michele-Naya Rivera Feud

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It feels like “Glee” ended decades ago, but somehow we’re still talking about it.

Did you know that towards the end of the show, stars Lea Michele and Naya Rivera had major drama? No? Here’s the scoop: Rivera admitted as much in her 2016 book, “Sorry Not Sorry,” saying that Michele stopped speaking to her completely by Season 6. She wrote, “I doubt we’ll ever sit on her couch and eat kale together again, but the rumors of our ‘feud’ were blown out of proportion.”

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Have you stopped giggling yet? So ridiculous, these two.

Anyway: In promoting his newest effort, “Feud,” Ryan Murphy (who wrote, directed and produced “Glee”) finally spoke up about the supposed longstanding tension — and the women weren’t the only ones clashing. “There were many boys on our show that didn’t get along,” he said. “And you never hear about that. You never hear about that in our culture.”

Touché, my dude. Touché. Then again, “Feud” is about the legendary rivalry between actresses Joan Crawford and Bette Davis, so maybe it’s okay to take advantage of the competition between women if it’s for a paycheck.

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Watch his interview with E! below.

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