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So many executive orders, so few pens for President Trump

With at least 23 executive orders written since he took office on Jan. 20, President Donald Trump is experiencing a shortage of his preferred pens.

Like his predecessor, Barack Obama, Trump prefers to use a felt-tipped Century II pen custom-made by Rhode Island-based company A.T. Cross. In Trump fashion, of course, he chose the gold-plated version over Obama’s chrome.

Trump’s team ordered 150 of the pens prior to Inauguration Day and express ordered 350 more on Wednesday, which are expected arrive at the White House on Friday.

“He absolutely, positively, had to have them by Friday,” Andy Boss of Cross told the Seattle Times. “My guess is he’s running low.”

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As for what he thinks about the controversial Trump using Cross’ pens, Boss said that the commander in -chief “could probably polish himself a little more and be a little more statesmanlike” but “just having a president using our pens is pretty cool. I’d much rather him using our pens than somebody else’s.”

Cross pens are believed to have first appeared in the White House under Gerald Ford, and every president since Ronald Reagan has used the company’s writing instruments to sign legislation. An official partnership between Cross and the Oval Office was put into effect by Bill Clinton.

The Cross Century II black lacquer pen preferred by Trump retails on Cross’ website for $90 — and is lacquered and engraved in China, the Seattle Times reported.

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