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‘So many people are affected’

In her world, the boy gets the girl, the hero beats the villain and breast cancer is no more.

That’s the world eight-year breast cancer survivor Brenda Moon wants to live in and she believes it’s possible if people continue to come together in the fight against breast cancer.

“With the strides made in technology and health-care field, I am one of the many cancer patients who survive today. Yes, we are winning the battle,” she said.

Moon, who is also a Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation survivor spokesperson, said the worst part of learning she had breast cancer was telling her parents, who in their time were used to the disease becoming a death sentence.

“My mother was very emotional, as I expected, and my father was very pragmatic. I am so thankful they lived long enough to see the successes we are experiencing in diagnosing and detecting this disease.”

Moon credits a routine mammogram with giving her a chance for breast conserving surgery and hopes other women go for regular checkups.

“My mantra is ‘early detection is key — don’t delay — book that mammogram today.’”

While Moon is one of the many survivors today, she says there are still thousands who are affected by cancer and lose their loved ones. “Events like the run this weekend are so important because so many people are affected by this disease and anything we can do to bring the numbers down is important.”

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