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Soaking up the pink sand of Antigua

There are a lot of beautiful beaches in the Caribbean, but not many places can boast a beach for every day of the year.

The island of Antigua is said to have 365 beaches, one for each day of the calendar. You’d need a heck of a lot of 40 SPF sunscreen to spend time on all of them, but a select few are more than worth a leisurely visit.

You may believe you’re hallucinating from one too many tropical drinks when you hit the pink sand. That’s right, the pink sand of secluded and stunning Half Moon Bay beach, located only about five minutes from Freetown village on the southeast coast. I was immediately struck by the mile of fine powder pink sand that curved around the edge of the bay. Very weird, but still very cool.

The snorkelling and wind surfing were pretty impressive here, also. I was glad to see that familiar Caribbean white sand at Galley Bay beach on the northwest coast near Five Islands Village. I happened to show up here during a very special time, when baby sea turtles were hatching and making that long first journey to the sea.
I almost wanted to help out a few of those cute little leatherbacks trying to make their way to the water, by nudging them along, but sea turtles and nesting areas are heavily protected here, so I was content to watch nature unfold in all it’s glory.

A few days later, I found myself once again wiling away the hours at yet another gorgeous venue, the aptly named Jolly Beach on the west coast. As I basked in the turquoise blue luke warm waters, watching a few tropical fish swim lazily by, I thought to myself, “That’s three beaches down … only 362 more to go.” Nice work if you can get it.

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