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Soccer bubbles safe: CMSA

With three indoor soccer fields in the city out of commission, thousands of athletes will be facing rescheduling of games.

Following the collapse of the dome structure at the Subway Soccer Centre yesterday, Daryl Leinweber, executive director of the Calgary Minor Soccer Association, said there are 12,000 players in the association that will be impacted.

“It is a big issue,” said Leinweber.

“We’re short fields in the city to start with and this compounds it.

He said a Christmas tournament with 150 teams has already been cancelled.

As a parent of two soccer players, Ross Dominikovich said the collapse has left him wondering how safe the inflatable structures are.

“You sort of look at it and you go, if that thing came down and there was 500 people in there … what’s the evacuation procedure?” he said. “You sort of shudder to think.”

However, Leinweber said safety isn’t a concern for him.

“We have the Calgary West Soccer Centre that we haven’t had a problem with,” he said.

“There’s thousands and thousands of bubbles all over Canada that haven’t had a problem.”

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