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Sofia’s suspiciously sober celebrating

Sofia’s suspiciously sober celebrating
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During what was certainly the most heavily documented celebrity wedding of the decade, bride Sofia Vergara raised more than a few eyebrows by eschewing any celebratory champagne, despite her marriage to Joe Manganiello being a huge party. So what gives? “The reception was so much fun. Even though so many people there were wasted, Sofia was not at all,” a source says of the West Palm Beach, Florida, nuptials, according to Radar Online.

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“Either Sofia chose not to get drunk at the wedding out of respect for Joe” — who is 12years sober — “or she is pregnant.” Well, then. Which do we think it is? The groom’s comments at the reception point to family planning: “Joe cannot wait to have children with her, and he said that they are going to be trying right away,” the source adds. Maybe they got an early start on it.

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