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Some of Halifax’s unsung heroes

Just as Kelly Clelland answered Feed Nova Scotia’s call for volunteers, Metro Halifax readers answered our call for unsung heroes. Here are four others:

Walter Regan of Lower Sackville never planned on becoming an environmental activist, but now he’s president of the Sackville Rivers Association.

“A long time ago my neighbour invited me over for a drink of rum and he said ‘you’ve got to come to the river to help out,’ ” Regan, 56, said. “I said ‘no, I’m not hugging no trees (or) kissing no whales.’

“One day just to shut him up I went to the river and I was shocked,” he said of the beautiful waterway adversely affected by pollution. “Somebody has got to do something.”

Retired Rockingham couple Len and Helen Sweett, both in their 70s, agree time is one of the greatest gifts, which is why spend a lot of it helping out organizations such as Metro Non-Profit Housing.

Len said volunteers are often the driving force making a difference in people’s lives, as in the case of the Out of the Cold Shelter in Halifax.

April MacQueen, 33, of Dartmouth said she loves her volunteer work helping kids through the Learning Disabilities Association of Nova Scotia literacy program that she plans on turning it into a career, by becoming a special education teacher.

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