Sorry, Newt Gingrigh, you’re no Rocky so stop playing ‘Eye of the Tiger’

The song that will always remind us of our high school sports banquets is no longer allowed to be played at Newt Gingrich’s rallies.

You see, Frank Sullivan, co-author of the Rocky theme, ‘Eye of the Tiger’ filed a lawsuit against Gingrich who has taken to entering rallies with the song blasting.

Sullivan alleges that Gingrich used the song illegally since 2009. He demands from Gingrich damages and attorneys’ fees. Right, because ‘Eye of the Tiger’ left Sullivan dirt poor. Moving on.

Sullivan told the Chicago Tribune this is not a matter of politics and that his wife is a “big fan” of Gingrich.

This isn’t the first time Sullivan’s song has been used in politics. In 2008, he requested that John McCain and Sarah Palin remove it from their campaign.

Our question is, do Republicans look in the mirror and see Rocky Balboa? Out of all pump-up songs out there, why do they always chose this fight song? They’re welcome to borrow our “Jock Jams” cds anytime.

Pick something else for your campaigns and leave “Eye of the Tiger” for cheesy high school sports slide shows.

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