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Sorry, you can’t have sex with animals still: Court ruling


Sorry animal sex enthusiasts of the world, specifically Germans, but animal sex is still illegal after that country’s court threw out two legal bids to change constitutional law, the BBC reported.

Two individuals (whom are referred to as “sodomites in some German reporting) brought the bids to court reportedly claiming to be sexually attracted to animals and that current laws inhibited their “right to sexual self-determination.”

The court disagreed.

“The Constitutional Court in Karlsruhe said on Thursday that the legally enshrined protection of animals is a ‘legitimate aim,’ Deutsche Welle reported. “In this particular case, the protection of the welfare of animals from ‘unnatural sexual attacks’ outweighed the plaintiffs’ right to sexual self-determination, the court said.”

According to Deutsche Welle, the animal protections law, which was passed in 2013, strictly forbids sex with animals or providing animals for people to have sex with. The penalty for those found guilty of breaking the law face a fine of up to 25,000 euros ($27,800).

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