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‘Sorry you lost your job’ cards: Would you want to get one?

Can anything really make you feel better immediately after losing your
job? How about a nice sympathy card?

Hallmark has released a new line of cards specifically for that awkward
moment that comes after learning one is now unemployed. Found out your
friend got laid off but worried about sympathizing too much or too
little because you still have a job and don’t want to come across as
insensitive or out-of-touch? Send a card!

It’s easy enough to hand one over tucked neatly inside a lovely powder
blue or lavender envelope, but do unemployed people really actually want
to receive cards? Take a look at a few from the collection and
let us know what you think!

This one says “Life’s isn’t fair” (ain’t that the truth?). Inside, it
reads, “You didn’t cause this. You don’t deserve this. You simply have
to get through it. And I know you will, because I know you!”

This one offers the advice, “Don’t think of it as losing your job. Think
of it

as a time-out between stupid bosses.” Well, when you put it that

There’s nothing more comforting than little cartoon animals standing in
the unemployment line…

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