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Sound traps mulled to limit noise

Sound traps are one method being considered to help enforce a potential limit on noise in Calgary.

Bill Bruce, Animal and Bylaw Services director, said automated audio, sound pressure and camera technology could be in place to enforce a possible vehicle noise limit and employ a similar method to that of speed traps.

Bruce said complaint-driven tracking will be set up, and if deemed necessary, Bylaw sound teams would be deployed to areas of concern.

“The first step in going down this path is setting an actual (decibel) limit,” said Bruce.

There is a noise bylaw in place, but there’s a need for a number you can “actually read,” Bruce added.

Mayor Dave Bronconnier said enforcement would be a big issue for noise limits.

“I think we can all sympathize with people that hate excessive noise … but it also boils down to the ability and the expectations to deal with an enforcement issue. That is something that is certainly not easy to do given the demands on bylaw enforcement.”

Aldermen decided yesterday evening to ask for a report to examine excessive noise, enforcement and penalties. It will be brought back to a March 2011 committee meeting.

A decibel limit on noise was sought at yesterday’s council meeting, but wasn’t approved.

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