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South Boston: Low price, easy access, and parking, yes, parking

The outward sprawl that is happening as Manhattan marches south into Brooklyn, swallowing up the once gritty borough like some Japanese sci-fi monster, isn’t happening at quite the same pace in Boston. Not yet. Which is why it’s still possible to find a bargain in Southie. (Well, there is that little thing called a recession, too.) A bargain like the two-bedroom, bilevel condo on West Third Street, which has just relisted at a lower price, dropping the asking amount to under $300,000. Given the easy city access and nearby amenities such as bars and restaurants, and beautiful Castle Island, it might not yet be the most desirable street, but it’s not far from them.

“This is a great location and price for a condo this size,” says realtor Wendy Rocca, who just took on the property. “Having the bedrooms on the lower level means you have total privacy. You don’t have to worry about people dropping by … they’ll never have to see your bedrooms,” she says. “And although, you are steps away from everything that South Boston has to offer. This is a quiet residential street, too.”

Right now, as we enter winter, perhaps the biggest bonus is that the apartment, which is split over the first and basement floors in a neat old redbrick row house-style building, has deeded parking with direct entrance from the home. So, when the snow hits, you won’t be running outside bagging a street spot with your lawn chair. Parking ban, bring it on.

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