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Southside Louie’s a straight-up bar

kate leblanc/torstar news service

If you’re interested in beer, wings and sports, then Southside Louie’s is for you, our columnist writes.

Southside Louie’s

583 College St.


Ambience: If you’re interested in beer, wings and sports, make the trip to College Street because, quite frankly, it’s hard to find a more straight-up bar than Southside Louie’s. The décor is decidedly non-descript, but the big screen at the back of the room is always on, keeping the masses who care abreast of the score in the night’s big game. This is truly a conversation-over-pints kind of place so, not surprisingly, the vibe is extremely relaxed and virtually attitude-free. Call a bunch of friends and plan for a long night.

Crowd: Being a popular strip packed with lounges and bars, College Street attracts its fair share of hipsters and club-goers — along with the usual everyman clientele who treat their local as if it was a room in their house — all of whom seem to find their way into Southside Louie’s on a Saturday night.

Dress code: Try to wear clean clothes — you never know who you’ll meet. If you have any sports-themed gear, wear it with pride.

Should I dance on the bar?: Probably not a good idea.

Will I get lucky?: That’s a tough one. Never say never, but remember this really isn’t the kind of place where you’re likely to meet your next husband/wife/ even one-night stand. The good news is there are plenty of venues on the street to satisfy said goal.

Best Reason To Pay A Visit: The combination of beer, hockey and fried food. There’s nothing quite like it — just ask your doctor.

Cocktail du jour: Bring on the brew, maybe some mixed drinks, as well, but leave the fancy stuff for other College Street bars. The beer selection is decent enough to keep you occupied for an evening, so too is the liquor stock, just don’t put much faith in the wine cellar.

Hours: 11 a.m. to 2 a.m. daily.

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