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Space Jam 2 with LeBron to be released ? Sequel may be in works

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Warner Brothers and LeBron James announced a partnership this week, a month after the studio filed new trademarks for “Space Jam.” Sooo … it certainly appears like Space Jam 2 is going to happen. Here was our take on a Space Jam sequel last year when the ashes were just smoldering:

The 1996 film “Space Jam” will never be confused with “The Godfather” or “No Country for Old Men” in terms of great American cinema. In fact, the movie starring Michael Jordan and watered-down Looney Toons stars(Bugs Bunny’s edgy days of impersonating Hitler were long over by this point)was mostly panned by critics.

But with time comes nostalgia, and suddenly “Space Jam” is considered something of a cult classic. The move is re-watchable, even for adults, as any film which features two scenes featuring banter between Bill Murray and Larry Bird deserves a glance-over. Oh, and all theR. Kelly helps a ton, too.

With Hollywood running out of ideas – especially when it comes to the sports film realm – there is clear momentum being gained in the push for a “Space Jam” sequel. “Space Jam 2” rumors swirled in February and LeBron James (the rumored star of the proposed sequel) actually entertained the idea.

“Like I said, I’ve always loved ‘Space Jam 1.’ It was one of my favorite movies growing up,” James told the Palm Beach Post. “If I have the opportunity, it’d be great. But that’s news to me … We’ll see what happens.”

Right. Like he’s said countless times. As for potentially facing off against cartoonish, basketball-playing space aliens not named Sam Cassell:

“Those guys are very intimidating and they’re bigger than us,” James said. “We’ve got to do our due diligence here on Earth.”

Clippers star forward Blake Griffin could be auditioning to be Lebon’s co-star in the film. This week a reading of the filmappeared on “Funny or Die,” and Griffin was front and center – playing the role of Jordan.Griffin even claims to have had a “Space Jam” themed birthday party as a kid.

Another Space Jam-reference was made this week by CBS Sports radio host Jim Rome, who tweeted out a pic of his $6.38 residual check for hisbrief role in the film in which he rips Jordan’s baseball career.

So, if a Space Jam sequel is going to happen, it’s going to happen now. Strike while the nostalgia’s steamy.

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